businessman with helmet on drawing skyscraper background

The Main activities of Sequoia Manhattan Fund:

  • Entrepreneurship and real estate development – construction, development and Locating and acquisition of land, establishing real estate projects.
  • Marketing and sales of primarily residential construction.
  • Including the ” Urban renovation”.

In addition, the company’s activities include Development of office buildings and industrial buildings.

In recent years, the company launched urban renewal division, which employs engineers, architects, and operations staff to examine each project inside-out  to the finest detail .

The company financial strength enable her the provision of credit and financing Israel’s leading real estate companies, acquisition groups, private  and business sector customers – against real estate collateral

The professional management team of Sequoia Manhattan include highly experienced professionals in the fields of finance, banking, corporate management, risk management and financial management, Proper management of the cash flow and Hedging Risks operates according to the regulations and procedures structured that been defined. In addition the activities are being supervised through Israel’s leading trust companies